Vault Jr Wakeboard


A youth design that recognizes your shoulders and hips are not always parallel in wake boarding.

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Product details

  • Ideal For: Young riders at the entry-level to intermediate stage who are eager to master the fundamentals.
  • Two Riding Approaches: Whether it’s edging through the wake for more lift or enjoying a smoother ride with top water speed, this board accommodates both.
  • Lighter and More Responsive: A 20% weight reduction from last year’s model means easier turns and less swing weight in the air.
  • Anatomically Considerate: Designed with the understanding that young riders have unique body mechanics when riding toe-side and heel-side.

Welcome to the Ronix Vault Jr Wakeboard, the board that lays the foundation for young wakeboarding enthusiasts. This board is designed to help young riders gain control and feel more connected to the water. Whether they prefer edging through the wake for more lift or riding with top water speed for a smoother experience, the Vault Jr accommodates both approaches.


  • Modello Construction: Crafted for durability, ensuring that the board can withstand the energy and enthusiasm that young riders bring to the water.
  • 3-Stage Rocker: Provides a balanced lift suitable for learning and perfecting wakeboarding basics.
  • 1.75” Hook Wake Fins: These fins offer excellent control and stability, making it easier for young riders to build confidence on the water.

The Ronix Vault Jr Wakeboard is not just another kids’ board; it’s a carefully designed tool that takes into account the unique body mechanics of young riders. For over 20 years, we’ve been crafting boards that consider how your shoulders and hips align differently when riding toe-side and heel-side. The Vault Jr is the perfect board for young riders to build the proper foundation for their wakeboarding journey.










(2) 1.75” HOOK