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We are a gang of snowskaters made up of snowboarders, skateboarders, artists, shapers, and all the shredders out snowskating every day. These riders are pushing limits, breaking boundaries, and helping to spread their passion for snowskating throughout the world.

We have an incredible community of riders all over the globe. Hovland was born from the cultures of snowboarding and skateboarding. All of our artists come from these worlds and share these same passions. Ryan Peterson leads our art program, as both an artist and curator, to create the Hovland brand.

Our goal is to make snowskates that people love. Using their combined 40 years of snowskate experience, Ryan Palmer and Matt Quam create shapes that appeal to different riding styles and work in a wide variety of conditions. Knowing that innovation is a big part of what will push snowskating into the future, we're constantly prototyping and collaborating to make the best snowskates possible.