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  • Overview
  • This hydration innovation marries our chug-style cap with the simplicity, function, and power of magnets for a 100% leakproof, on-the-go solution.

Product details

The MagDock Cap is smartly designed with a magnet docking station so you never lose your cap when you’re downing your H20. And the customer-favorite narrow spout of our chug cap allows for faster drinking while keeping ice cubes at bay. That’s too many wins to count.

Key Features 

  • POWERFUL MAGNET CAP: Harnesses the power of magnets. Leakproof when closed. Secures to the magnet docking station between swigs
  • MAGNET DOCKING STATION: Gone are the days of wondering where your cap went
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Because no one needs more work to do
  • 100% LEAKPROOF: Carry it with confidence


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