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  • Nanogrip® is a revolutionary wax-free system offered exclusively by Peltonen.

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Nanogrip® is a revolutionary wax-free system offered exclusively by Peltonen. Peltonen offers Nanogrip® skis for active and recreational skiers. Works in all conditions, especially when wet / icy. Nanogrip® is a patented innovation utilizing the latest nanotechnology. Skis are carefree, only cleaning needed. No kick wax, no glide wax - just enjoy. Already a huge success, the Nanogrip® Facile has attracted a crowd of skiers with its affordable price and great wax-free performance. Just grab your skis and go! This is the NIS plate version.


  • Built-in NIS plate.
  • Waxless Nanogrip® base
  • Universal profile for good performance in all snow conditions.


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12 Feb 2021
Walt Woolvett
Ever since I started skiing back in the late 1970's, putting on glide and kick wax have been synonymous with the sport. I did buy a pair of the first mohair insert skis when they came out and loved them for warm weather skiing but they weren't that great in the cold. Skiing on wax less skis has always been intriguing since it puts everyone in the category so to speak. Feb 1, I was given a pair of these new Peltonens to test. Since I compete in many loppets per year, and used to fast skis as well, I started of with a bit of an attitude towards them. As I skied I started to think along the lines of someone who just wants to have fun and try out Nordic skiing on a simple level like putting on a pair of boots and going for a hike. The glide was good especially when they actually glided down very gradual hills.
Where they shone was in gradual uphill's with the double pole technique with alternating kick. Wow. I actually went back down a long hill just to try them again and I am impressed with not putting on any wax at all. On a couple of faster turns at the bottom of hills, I was impressed with the way they tracked perfectly with no tendency to leave the groomed tracks and even in a speedy snowplow turn all was stable with no surprises. When I finished, I spoke with a couple in the parking lot giving them a thumbs up. Well thanks to Carlee for the opportunity to try out these new Nanogrips. :-)