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  • Overview
  • Made for waves of all sizes and riders of all ability levels, the Cuda is enjoyed by all who get the chance to ride it.

Product details

When you first jump on the Cuda you will notice how stable and smooth it feels while surfing. Start to move and you will realize that this fishy has some serious moves up its sleeves. A fish style surfer such as this board are especially great at making big turns seem buttery smooth. The unique shape reduces the area between the two points in the tail, making it essentially act like two different tails on one board. It generates lots of "push" making it possible to surf all sized waves and is extremely lively, being quick edge to edge.

Built just like a fish style surfer you'd find in the ocean, the Cuda is shaped with an EPS foam core and then glassed with an epoxy resin for a light, reactive ride. The one piece EVA traction pad spans the entire board so that you can shuffle your feet wherever. The twin FCS 3.6" fins are easy enough to break free on a slash or spin, but grippy enough for hold on your big bottom turns.

Key Features

  • Surf Style Design
  • Epoxy Construction
  • EPS Foam Core w/ Stringer
  • One Piece EVA Traction Pad
  • Fins: 2 ASYM 3.6"
  • Fin Boxes: 2 FCS

Tech Specs

  • Length: 5'
  • Width: 22.40"
  • Volume :21.30L
  • Style: Surf
  • Construction: Better
  • Wave Size: Small
  • Fin Compatibility: FCS


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