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In 1942, fire broke out in Martin Matsbo’s wax plant in Malung causing extensive damage. Martin had to start from scratch again and began to work for Børje. In consultation with chemists from Astra and researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, the company started testing existing and “own recipe” ski waxes.

In 1945 alone, they completed fully 6,000 equipment trials involving 200 different substances. They soon came to their first conclusion. There was no point trying to come up with a universal wax because conditions and snow types are so different. This explains why they developed what became the first range of waxes and pastes adapted for different conditions, but it was hard to see any difference between the products. In order to separate one from another, a different colour was added to each of the preparations. And that is how the distinctive SWIX colours came into being.