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Manufacturer since 1870, Faber & Co inc. offers the largest choice of snowshoes on the market. From the traditional wooden snowshoes laced with rawhide to the high tech aluminium snowshoes, accessories and bindings, everyone, from the beginner to the expert, will find the suited model for his needs.

From acquiring over 140 years of experience as a snowshoe and binding manufacturer, Faber has developped a complete line of products and a capacity of production that now makes it one of the world's largest manufacturer in this field.

The built quality of our products supported by professional craftsmenship and specialized equipment are the key to our success in this industry.

Furthermore, significant investments are being made in research and development which have allowed us to constantly improve our products. Our revolutionnary S-Line snowshoe-ski hybrid, our WTD technology, the Mountain series with its Arcatech Frame and DS pivoting system really show these efforts.