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A passion for the outdoors is one that CTR shares, and providing only the best for its conditions drives us forward. Building on 10 years of experience, the front end of progress is the only place to be. Adapting alongside shifts in weather conditions, emerging technology, and the daily movements our products endure, CTR development is in a constant state of evolution.

Our process begins with those that put the products to use, out in the elements, and it is these warriors that inspire our continual progress. With an industry-leading variety of products, the use factor of each piece drives the entire roster forward. From winter's best, to the worst of its conditions, CTR's performance and innovation move with you, upwards and towards the wonders of the unknown.

Pulling from the forefront of technology, CTR utilizes industry leading materials to push innovation and utility. Newly integrated laser cut breathing ports further enhance product performance in breathability, moisture management, comfort and thermal regulation. Building upon recent advancements, such as Windshield ULTRA, we continuously push for premium protection against cold and wind.