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Buff Canada

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We are the exclusive distributor of BUFF® Headwear in Canada and proud to be a small family-run business. Buff Canada, is nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Canmore Alberta. The company now serves close to 700 stores across Canada and has been a part in supporting numerous events, athletes and organizations.  Buff Canada is proud to be part of the Original BUFF® legacy and continues to grow while working to create positive environmental and socially aware relationships and products.

Our multifunctional products are a versatile alternative for protection and style in different conditions and environments. It can be worn in more than 12 ways. This video is the perfect introduction to change your BUFF® Neckwear from a headband into a toque, into a balaclava. Flip it, twist it, fold it!

At Algonquin Outfitters you'll find great outdoor themed Buffs for any season and the annual collectors Banff Mountain Film Festival Buff, only available for a limited time each winter/spring.