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BADGERPaddle Styles - Badger Paddles

Badger Paddles creates made-to-order premium solid wood canoe paddles located in Muskoka, Ontario. A family cottage-industry business, Badger is owned and operated by partners Mike and Fiona, a husband and wife team. Badger makes canoe paddles from Cherry, and sometimes Ash, Walnut, and other specialty woods.

Badger canoe paddles can be given an oiled, varnished, or combination finish (varnished blade with an oil shaft and grip) but are available unfinished as well. Badger also offers a unique WaterColours™ finish with colorful and vibrantly tinted paddles in a rainbow of colors, as well as laser engraving and even hand-painted designs.

Besides canoe paddles, Badger creates various wooden objects such as Kitchen Paddles, Cutting Boards, Souvenirs, and sometimes even furniture.